Who We aRe

The creation of


In 2008, our Founder, Jimmy Nguyen, created an alter-ego named "Jimaye." Jimaye was the name Jimmy went by when he wanted to do things that were were a bit more experimental or taboo. It was where Jimmy could go and be fully self-expressed. Jimaye was fun, carefree, confident, and brave. Jimaye was everything we want our brand to exude. 

The beginning of the


While on a mission to find the perfect summer swim outfit, Jimaye realized that women's swimwear was extremely more innovative than men's swimwear. Versatile and reversible swimwear could be found in the women's market but not in men's. Wanting to give men more options, Jimaye went on his second mission to create an innnovative men's swimwear brand that would bring all of this to the men's market. 

In addition to bringing these concepts to the men's market, Jimaye had four goals for the brand: create a great fit that emphasizes all the right areas, create playful yet sophisticated designs, never skimp on quality, and make luxury swimwear at an affordable price. 

In essence, he wanted to create a swimwear brand that had it all. 

The launch of


The Reversible Swim Brief (slim fit and muscle fit) and the Vers Swim Shorts launched!  

Made in Los Angeles, California, Jimaye swimwear is a men's swimwear brand that truly has it all. Through our great fitting, versatile, quality, and affordable swimwear, we want this line to help YOU feel a confidence you never felt before. We want you to feel… #jimayezing



This year we continue to innovate on men's swimwear by introducing textured swimwear! Our velvet swim briefs look and feel luxurious and our faux suede swim shorts are the softest shorts you have ever felt. 

But we didn't stop there. We also launched our sustainable swim shorts collection made from recycled plastic bottles. This is just the beginning of our shift towards being a sustainable brand. 

Our Greater Purpose

To truly have it all, we wanted to make sure we left a long lasting mark on the world. That’s why we partnered with the non-profit organization, Globe Aware.

Globe Aware connects people to volunteer trips around the world to promote cultural awareness and sustainability. Globe Aware helps people and communities prosper by creating projects and solutions that will help others to live happy, healthy, and independent lives. Click here to learn more about Globe Aware.

A percentage of profits from each order will go towards a fund that will sponsor sending our customers around the world to volunteer in underprivileged communities. Change the lives of those in need, gain new perspectives on different cultures, and see the world. In the past we’ve served communities in Siem Reap, Cambodia and Beijing, China.

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