We created the Affiliate Program because we wanted to reward our loyal customers who have helped us grow. The program is meant to be an opportunity for you to earn commission for referring us to your friends and family.


  1. Earn 10% commission on every order you refer to us! Track what you make on our Jimaye Affiliate portal. More on that below. 
  2. If you have 50k+ followers on a single social media account, you may be eligible to earn free Jimaye products!
  3. Access banners and marketing materials you can post to your websites, blogs, etc. 



There are several ways you can drive sales to earn commission. Below are some starter ideas (remember to always include your referral link!):

  • Post a photo of yourself in our products on social media 
  • Repost our content on your social media
  • Blog about our products 
  • There is soo much more you can do - get creative! Spread the love you have.



  1. Apply using the form below.
  2. We will approve or deny your application within two business days. If approved, you will receive a welcome email.
  3. You will receive access to our Jimaye Affiliate Portal where you will be able to track your sales, commission, and payouts. You will also be able to download marketing materials such as banners and logos to add to your website or social media. This is also where you will find your custom referral link. Please use that link to ensure you earn all your commission!
  4. That's it! Anyone who makes a purchase through your referral link will earn you 10% of the total order price! 

Click HERE if the form below does not load.