Who We aRe


Spirit of Jimaye

The spirit of Jimaye is to unleash the best version in all of us.

Dare to be the person you are inside, on the outside. At Jimaye, we embrace everyone’s individuality, empower you to aim high, and encourage you to create the most powerful version of yourself. We are not making swimwear, we are creating a reflection of the ideal version of YOU.



We believe everyone should continue to grow and innovate in order to reach their full potential. Our company does the same.

We challenge sewing techniques, fabric choices, and many other standards of traditional swimwear.

You won’t be like everyone else in our swimwear.



It’s not too much to ask for luxury swimwear at an affordable price. We don't skimp on trims, fabrics, threads - any of it. We work hard to source the highest quality materials for our products so they last year over year.

You can have it all. It’s not the price tag that gives value to swimwear, it’s the person wearing it. We make swimwear that makes you feel confident at every event you attend.



We want to inspire you to be the best version of yourself. That means we need to be the best version of ourselves.

From outstanding designs and sustainable operations to spectacular customer service... Perfection is just our starting point.



We are more than exquisite swimwear, we are a community of unique and confident individuals.

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Giving Back

Being the best version of ourself includes making sure we leave a long lasting mark on the world. That’s why we partnered with the non-profit organization, Globe Aware.

Globe Aware connects people to volunteer trips around the world to promote cultural awareness and sustainability. Globe Aware helps people and communities prosper by creating projects and solutions that will help others to live happy, healthy, and independent lives. Click here to learn more about Globe Aware.

A percentage of profits from each order will go towards a fund that will sponsor sending our customers around the world to volunteer in underprivileged communities. Change the lives of those in need, gain new perspectives on different cultures, and see the world. In the past we’ve served communities in Siem Reap, Cambodia and Beijing, China.

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